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About us


Since 1986 our company, "Goutos Properties", has been offering a full range of management and consulting services in Real Estate, Appraisals, Construction and Investments.

The owner, Martha Goutou, utilizing her long background in the services sector, created a wide network of consultants that manage Real Estate properties and can cover all your needs.

Following the steps of the pioneer Dimitrios Goutos, who ''paved'' the way in Real Estate services 50 years ago, we incorporated in our philosophy, as our upmost important priority, the provision of high quality services which we never stopped enriching and developing. Our primary target has always been and remains till today the achievement of superior level work and complete satisfaction of our clients.

"We have committed ourselves that we will always be sincere, true professionals and reliable partners in our cooperation, having your needs and expectations as our driving force."


Our experienced consultants (Real Estate, Financial and Legal advisors, Technical personnel etc.), are the main reason why ''Goutos Properties'' is established as one of the most successful and indispensible partners in the market. We dedicate ourselves to each one of our clients exclusively. We analyze his personal characteristics, his individual needs and compose his investor’s profile. This way we can efficiently provide him with all available and most effective investment alternatives that match his expectations. We offer the following services:

Market Research to accommodate our clients’ needs
Our extensive network of advisors and consultants constantly researches the market for investment opportunities identification. Our database contains thousands of real estate assets and is continuously being updated. Our primary goal is the achievement of the optimum relationship of ''supply - demand'' for our clients. We also have a very successful record in accomplishing profitable deals in the commercial real estate sector.

Complete Legal Services
The conclusion of the investment in real estate presumes the existence of specialized legal services that will deal with aspects of the transfer procedure without any unnecessary delay and omissions. Our legal team will take over from the beginning of the process and will move towards the completion of the deal offering its assistance at every phase of the process. The legal team will update the client on every issue, step by step, and will handle the red tape that escorts every transaction.

We will carry out the complicated and sensitive task of appraising your real estate asset. We will prepare the Appraisal Report, which will include not only all relevant indicators and ratios but also the carefully estimated commercial value of your asset. Moreover, we inform the client about the latest transactions that took place in the geographical area of his interest so he can incorporate their effect in his asking price. Our experience in the area of appraisals serves as the guarantee for the composition of an objective, realistic, undisputed Appraisal Report that incorporates and is based on the International Valuation Standards. We cover a broad range of appraisals that regard houses, apartments, plots, offices, commercial properties,garages etc. Our company is also member

We also have certificate for appraisals from BPOR member of National Association of REALTORS.


Financing Loans
Our experienced consultants will assist you in finding the most suitable, competitive financing plan that fits your needs. Our motto is ''low interest rates - short maturity'' and we act accordingly to accommodate our clients’ needs. We are closely working with several commercial banks that allow us to propose several financing plans to our clients, free of charge.

Advisability Report
We undertake the composition of a complete advisability report for all types of real estate, residential, commercial plots etc. We apply the latest and more advanced methods for the appraisal of the commercial value of the asset, and based on recent studies of the competition we submit various alternatives for development taking under consideration the clients’ expectations.


  • Identification of investment opportunities in the client’s real estate portfolio
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studies co-ordination and planning management
  • Rental services
  • Complete solutions for development, from planning to financing and construction
  • Economic and technical investment analysis.

We undertake the materialization of plans aiming at the development of a stores’ network: market research for rental or purchase of stores, coordination and supervision of the negotiations to reach the best possible deal, urban inspection of the real estate assets, control of the concept creation and relative studies, contractors’ management and quality and cost control for the construction